life groups

God wants us all of us to have a relationship with him and healthy, loving relationships with each other.  Bible study and being in community are two ways we grow in our relationships with God and others.  Every week we meet together in life groups to discuss the Bible, apply it to our lives, and share life's challenges and joys. 

Interested in a group below?  Sign up at a connection table in the auditorium or send an us an email

8:30am Sunday Senior Adults Life Group
Topic: Bible Study | Meets in FTC Youth Rm. | With Michael Bourne [ Meets Weekly ]
We’re always learning and growing.  Contribute your unique experience and wisdom as part of this group that focuses on Bible study and discussion.
6:00pm Sunday Men's Life Group
Topic: Sermon-Based | Meets in FTC Community Rm | With Russell Long [ On winter break until January ]
Get together with the guys on Sunday nights to study the Bible, discuss the latest sermon, and pray for one another.  Connect with other men who want to understand the Bible and impact their community.
7:00pm Sunday Young Adults (18-29) Life Group
Topic: Sermon-Based | Meets in Varius Locations | With Ben & Angela [ Meets Twice a Month ]
Work.  School.  Life can be busy.  Make some time to connect with other young people, recharge, be encouraged, and build relationships. This group meets for Bible study and social events.
Monday 7:00pm Life Group
Prayer Life Group | Topic: Prayer | For: Open to all | Meets in FTC Auditorium | With Elba Dios [ Meets Weekly ]
Having a stressful Monday? Take a break and spend an hour in prayer.  This group meets weekly to pray individually, together, and then close with a short reflection on a Bible passage. 
Wednesdays 7:30pm Life Group 
Topic: Bible Study | For: Open to all | Meets in FTC Community Rm | With Eric Larsen [ Meets Weekly ]
you’ve ever wanted to closely study a book of the Bible, this is a great place to start.  Every week, this life group works its way through a portion of the Bible line-by-line for a better understanding of the history and current applications.  Get a deeper understanding of God and Christianity through this study.  [Currently studying Revelation]
Thursdays 7:00pm Life Group
Topic: Sermon-Based | For: Open to all | Meets in FTC Conference Rm | On winter break until January]
This life group takes a deeper look at the week’s sermon and discusses how to use what we’ve learned in our lives.  If you’ve ever left a sermon wanting to discuss it more or dig a little deeper into the topic, this life group is for you.
Fridays 7:00pm Young Married Couples Life Group
Topic: Sermon-Based | For: Young Married Couples | Meets in Sherman Oaks | With Ben & Anglea [Meets Once a Month]
Spend an evening connecting with other couples as you discuss the latest sermon and study the Bible passages a little more closely.   

Saturdays 9:00am Women's Life Group
Topic: Bible Study | For: Women | Meets in FTC Community Rm | With Sarah Zhang [ Meets Last 3 Saturdays of the Month]
This life group focuses on learning about God through Bible study and applying lessons from the Bible in practical ways to our lives.  Grow in your understanding and relationship with God as you connect with other influential women.